Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with Valorus's value-added services. With a number of solutions to add to your portfolio including customer engagement and rewards, music streaming, communications technologies, and wellness offerings, you can provide your customers with multiple reasons to stay engaged and loyal to your brand for years to come.


Combine our mobile wallet solution with a powerful loyalty and rewards component. Enhance your customers' experience, reduce churn, and increase market penetration. Your customers will be happier and more active — and you can develop personalized customer profiles using data insights.

now you can:

  • Link a mobile wallet to a loyalty and rewards program upon registration
  • Customize which types of transactions acquire loyalty points
  • Adjust the number of points users receive for various actions
  • Establish thresholds for designated loyalty tiers
  • Level up users based on specific loyalty criteria and thresholds
  • Increase customer engagement and spending
  • Reward customers for watching ads and making referrals
  • Activate and grow your partnership network

key features include:

  • Integration with third-party loyalty programs
  • Multimedia messaging with full back-end virtual help desk
  • Gamification with fully customizable level and points system
  • In-app marketplace with ecommerce
  • Geolocation and personalization using proprietary and imported third-party data
  • Integrated content management system for easy platform management


Give your customers the ability to personalize their music streaming experiences. With over 40 million songs, your customers can ditch their other subscription services and use your branded channels to listen to the music they crave.

now you can:

  • Develop a streaming bundle that includes high definition radio and music
  • Enable customers to create music channels by artist and genre, and listen to new tracks the same day they are released
  • Add custom channels with unique content specifically for your customers
  • Determine your own pricing and terms of service

key features include:

  • Over 40 million songs
  • Both single user account and accounts that allow up to four concurrent users
  • Easy-to-use app, with features that the end user can customize


Valorus's home phone and Wi-Fi calling capabilities give you the ability to provide your customers with a physical home phone along with a WiFi calling service. These solutions tremendously reduce phone bills while providing a best-in-class experience. Combine landlines with mobile phones and VoIP calls with a WiFi hotspot network to give your customers a truly unique communications package.

now you can:

  • Offer home phone services and provide a turnkey, branded wireless service that is integrated with all major carrier networks
  • Implement an advanced voicemail system with unlimited voicemails that include speech-to-text and email technology
  • Develop custom pricing that reduces phone expenses for your customers and creates an additional revenue stream for you

key features include:

  • Both physical home phones as well as an app-based phone
  • Wi-Fi calling and messaging
  • Local and international termination completed using Unified Class 5 switches
  • Integration and access to most major US wireless carriers
  • Availability on both Android and iOS systems


Resell genetic testing, disease and allergy screening, metabolism analysis, and more. Enable your customers and employees to keep tabs on their health while creating another source of revenue for your company. Supply your customers and employees with invaluable knowledge to help them better understand the factors that will impact their health—all at a competitive price.

now you can:

  • Create a complete wellness testing and analytics solution for your customers and employees
  • Develop competitive pricing for your customers while creating additional revenue for your business

key features include:

  • A genetic profile and history, including disease screening for over 3,300 diseases
  • Metabolism analysis
  • Allergic substance review and analysis
  • Drug and lifestyle reaction analysis

Add value while increasing revenue.

Valorus's value-added services are ready to implement with just a little bit of information from you. Increase customer loyalty in just a few steps.