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#ValorusNews—Connected Consumers Spend More Money Using Their Mobile Wallets

Join The Valorus Market Place By Providing Private Label Financial Services To Your Customers!

#ValorusNews—Valorus End Users Can Make Major Retail Purchases From Their Mobile Wallet

Over 30 million Americans used a virtual debit card/mobile wallet in the past year to make major purchases.

#ValorusNews—Valorus End Users Can Buy Products, Services, And Pay Bills from Their Mobile Wallet

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman says the onset of the coronavirus pandemic drastically accelerated the development of digital payments.

#ValorusNews—Valorus Mobile Wallet Users Have Access to Sofi Services!

Learn how your business can offer private label financial services through Valorus! You can provide money transfers, cash pick up, and other banking services to your custoers with your private label.

#ValorusNews—What FIs Don’t Get About The Underbanked Consumer

The Valorus FinTech Platform Provides Mobile Banking, Payment Processing, Cross-border Money Transfers, Wellness, Debit Card, & Mobile Wallet Services to the Unbanked/Underbanked Markets Worldwide!

#ValorusNews—Valorus and Visa to offer "Real-Time" Payment Services via the Valorus Mobile Wallet & Visa Debit Card!

#ValorusNews—Citizens Bank & Trust Chooses Fiserv Technology For Core Processing

Valorus partner Fiserve and Citizen Bank partner to provide real time transactional processing which is a benefit associated with the Valorus platform regarding real-time money transfers worldwide.

#ValorusNews—Fidelity is getting into cryptocurrency

Valorus' FinTech enables mobile wallet users to buy/sell cryptocurrency in real-time and at a much lower cost.

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