How is the Valorus fintech solution different from other fintech solutions?

The Valorus fintech solution is a white-label fintech solution that enables you to provide financial services to customers under your own brand. Our fintech solution builds on technology originally launched in 2009 for the U.S. Department of Defense as a way to securely move money in conflict zones.

Early in our development, we determined that businesses and customers want more than one account balance in a fintech platform. So, we set out to create three: a mobile wallet that serves as a quasi-savings account, a debit card that works as a quasi-checking account, and a cryptocurrency account that serves as a quasi-investment fund.

Valorus offers the only fintech platform that combines all of these features in one place.

We believe that our fintech solution presents not just an opportunity to make transactions faster and safer, but also to make them part of a more holistic experience that engages your customers and creates positive associations with your business.