How does the Valorus white label mobile wallet enable cross border payments?

Consumers today are using digital channels to move money to friends and family worldwide in greater numbers than ever before. Valorus helps companies enter this market and realize a new, recurring revenue stream from cross border money transfers.

Our white label mobile wallet is a turnkey solution that has been developed to the highest levels of security and is a truly global, multi-language, multi-currency platform that makes it easy for companies to start benefiting from cross border payments. Signing up with a mobile wallet is easy for end-users, and the mobile web and data apps are simple to use, helping consumers replace other methods of moving money that are more expensive and more time consuming.

The Valorus solution enables companies to:

  • Issue a branded mobile wallet (virtual bank account) to customers and employees with an optional, Visa-backed branded debit card that enables end users to send funds both domestically and internationally in real-time, eliminating the need for more expensive, more time-consuming methods.
  • Create a person-to-person payment offering where end users can transfer, pay, and request money anywhere in the world through your branded mobile web and data apps.