Introducing the Valorus MCN (Mobile Clearinghouse Network)

Valorus’s MCN (Mobile Clearinghouse Network) enables our white label mobile wallet platform to interop with multiple payment technologies and financial institutions around the world.

Photo by Krzysztof Kowalik on Unsplash

Imagine a world without cash. A world where anyone can transfer funds to anyone, anywhere, cost effectively and in real time. Where payments are truly borderless and payment technologies have the ability to communicate with each other. That is the vision that has driven the development of the Valorus MCN (Mobile Clearinghouse Network.)

Diagram of Mobile Clearing House

The Valorus MCN securely bridges the gap between multiple payment technologies and financial institutions, allowing for extremely secure, seamless, and real-time money movement flow for consumers around the world. The platform has been designed to create interoperability between any and all mobile payment technologies including banks, financial institutions, payment technologies, social networking groups, and wireless carriers.

The benefit to consumers is simple. Today, the options for sending money globally, in a real time, and that don't incur substantial fees are limited. With the Valorus MCN, consumers can send money to any other user that is connected to a member organization of the MCN network, wherever they are in the world, in real-time, at a fraction of the cost they are used to paying, and with no potential for fraud or chargeback. That saves time, money and paperwork which, for the huge number of unbanked or underbanked customers around the world (the Federal Reserve estimated there were 55 million unbanked or underbanked adult Americans in 2018, accounting for 22% of U.S. households) is a game changer when it comes to getting access to financial services.

For members of the MCN the benefits are also clear – by connecting to the Valorus MCN, members can expand their consumer base for money movement to increase the overall quantity of transactions and revenue. Simply put, they can realize increased profit streams and product retention by offering consumers real-time, secure, low cost money movement to other global payment platforms.

To find out more about the Valorus MCN and how your organization can become a member send an email to [email protected].