Who we are

We help businesses expand their product offerings by providing simple, branded fintech solutions that increase revenue, reduce churn, and elevate brands.


How We Got Started

Valorus builds on technology originally launched in 2009 for the U.S. Department of Defense as a way to securely move money in conflict zones. We repurposed the technology for commercial use, onboarding and launching more than 150 brands and millions of customers over the past 15 years. Our unique profit-sharing model for our fintech solution, combined with our ability to offer a fee-free mobile wallet to your customers, has enabled our quick growth in the marketplace.

What We Do

Valorus helps businesses grow. We develop and deploy financial technologies and other value-added services that empower clients to expand into new and exciting frontiers. We’re committed to creating products and services that drive revenue, decrease costs, increase market differentiation, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Why We Do It

At Valorus, we believe in helping everyone win. We help you win by giving you a competitive advantage that breaks through barriers of cost and access with products that seamlessly integrate into existing networks. And we help your customers win through our fintech solution which enables them to receive, transfer, and request money both domestically and internationally for free.

We’ve built our culture and accomplishments on a few principles:


  • Do the hard things. We believe the most important problems are always obvious or easily solved
  • Don’t shout. Shine. We’re skeptical of hype. When the product is excellent, it speaks for itself
  • Make connections. We build technology that works on its own and can also fit into a larger solution
  • Go fast. Have fun. We execute quickly on great ideas. It can get uncomfortable, and we like that

Who We Are

At the heart, we are dreamers who use innovation and technology to create new ways of thinking and doing business. Our portfolio is backed by Carnegie Technologies, which funds our research and development and state-of-the-art hardware and software security


infrastructure. This partnership allows our clients to receive secure and scalable products, enabling them to activate and manage millions of customers worldwide. We help our clients thrive and evolve in an evergrowing competitive marketplace.


Paris Holt


Kayla Moore

VP, Client Relations and Product Development

John Hinshaw

VP, Development

Ruben Nicholls

VP, Customer Service and Carrier Operations

Bryan Stanley

EVP, Business Development

Carnegie Technologies

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Paul Struhsaker


Vincent Butta


Jeff Allyn


We cultivate businesses.

Through a fintech platform paired with value-added services, Valorus helps companies generate revenue and reduce customer churn.