Our Story

Headquartered in Austin, TX with a 40+ seat software development group in Belgrade, Serbia, Valorus is a wholly owned fintech subsidiary of Carnegie Technologies Holdings, LLC.

Our founders come out of the wireless communications industry. Starting in 1990 as a local paging operator in San Antonio, TX, the company made an early move into cellular as an authorized agent for Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems and after dominating the local market expanded to 6 other markets before selling to SBMS in 1998.

We won PCS licenses in FCC auction 58 covering San Antonio and South Texas, and from 2006-2010 we built and operated a 500 cellsite CDMA cellular network as Pocket Communications. Pocket achieved industry record first year market penetration of over 10%, turned cashflow positive in 6 months, after growing to 400K subscribers had a $200M exit to Cricket Communications (subsequently acquired by ATT) and subsequently formed Carnegie Technologies with the goal of creating new revenue platforms to be white-labeled for Mobile Network Operators and other enterprise clients with large subscriber bases.

Our Mission

Valorus is Carnegie Technologies fintech operating entity. Our mission is to help companies leverage their brand and tap into new revenue streams driving growth, loyalty, and customer spending activity. Our mobile wallet super app and loyalty debit card also helps address the “Poverty Premium” by providing savings, inclusion, and access to affordable financial services for all including low-cost services for the cash economy. We partner with large enterprises that leverage the marketing power of their existing brands and customer relationships including brick and mortar retail locations for cash recycling ATMs, cash loads to loyalty debit cards at retail, enabling digital money for online spending capabilities, bill pay, and more.

Our suite of financial wellness services provide value and makes a tangible difference in the daily lives of the 60% of US households that live paycheck to paycheck. It can also provide profit and meaningful engagement for our brand partners.

Our Success

A key contributor to the companies’ success has been invention. We cut our teeth In paging when we developed (and received our first patent for) PageOut, a consumer electronics device that connected to answering machines and home security systems, automatically alerting end users via pager, eliminating the need to pay for voicemail or home security monitoring services.

In cellular we created Houdinisoft, a SaaS platform providing handset unlocking and re-provisioning allowing a locked device to be activated on another mobile network. Between its launch in 2007 and the sunset of 2G networks, Houdinisoft “flashed” over 3 million devices as a white label platform for 20+ mobile network operators.

End-to-End Service Delivery

Designed to be easy.

“Just Add Water”. Your brand. You market. You profit

We deliver an end-to-end service with a zero upfront investment, and we can have you up and running fast.

Valorus at the Glance
We bring a 30-year history of innovation, and operational excellence to the financial services industry.
30-year history of innovation
  • 30 years history of operational excellence
  • Multiple successful business pivots
  • Multiple successful hardware and software products developed
  • B2B, B2C, SaaS
We execute quickly on great ideas
  • Fast, flexible, scalable software stack
  • 4 platform building blocks (fintech, messaging, ecommerce, loyalty & rewards)
  • API hub rapidly integrates new service providers
  • Fast follower for any new service offering seen in the market
Customized solution, built to our clients’ requirements
  • Unique product offerings
  • Customized solution for each client
  • Target segmentation
  • Product enhancements
We constantly add new services to our platform
  • Building block architecture
  • High margin services
  • Data mining
  • Contextual commerce/trigger marketing
Our Core Team
Our senior leadership group has 100+ combined years in the wireless, fintech, SaaS, and app development space.
Paul Posner
CEO / Owner
30 years as CEO/owner of a Mobile Network Operator, Dealer, SaaS, and hardware/software development
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Ivan Knezevic
30 years of experience as a software and telecommunication entrepreneur. Co-founder of HoudiniSoft, the industry
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Damir Colak
35 years in computer industry, started with 8-bit computing and machine code. Managing projects and teams since 1983.
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Seth Brennan
Chief Payments and Strategy Officer
More than fourteen years leadership and product management experience in payments, fintech, technology and
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Frank Bell
EVP, Business Development
30 years as CEO/owner of a Mobile Network Operator, Dealer, SaaS, and hardware/software development
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