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Valorus takes the frustration out of fintech.

We do this through a unique revenue sharing model and a portfolio of solutions which includes a mobile wallet/virtual bank with a physical Visa debit card; payroll processing; merchant processing; and equipment financing. To reduce customer churn, we also offer media streaming, communications solutions, and a wellness platform.

Valorus fintech solution

Take the frustration out of fintech. Valorus helps you create additional revenue streams for your business while providing your end users with easy ways to receive, transfer, and move money. We also enable you to pay your employees, contractors, and vendors; reduce merchant processing fees; finance equipment; and buy and sell select crypto currencies.

Key features include:

  • A mobile wallet/virtual bank with physical debit card
  • Payroll processing abilities that eliminate payroll fees
  • Merchant processing that accepts multiple payment variables including tips, quantity, size, product ID, and multiple shipping addresses
  • Equipment financing
  • Beacon technology to personalize services and automate actions such as mobile wallet payments

Value-added services

Increase customer loyalty and reduce churn with Valorus' value-added services. With a number of solutions to add to your portfolio including media streaming, communications technologies, and wellness offerings, you can provide your customers with multiple reasons to stay engaged and to continue to be your customer for years to come.

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