Bank On Your BrandTM
Grow Your Business with Your Own
Custom-branded Mobile Wallet
Financial Super App and
Loyalty Debit Card
Valorus is a white label digital wallet solution that drives your growth by providing your customers and employees with instant access to banking services, branded loyalty debit cards, rewards, P2P and international transactions, and a financial services toolkit funding more business building and closed-loop spending activity.

High ROI value-added extension to your brand, product, service, app, or website.
Digital wallet solutions and benefits for customers and employees
12 Banking and Financial Services 1 Custom Branded User Interface
An all-encompassing loyalty and banking as a service tool for important aspects of your customers’ and employees’ financial lives.
Smarter, faster, better, cheaper, than current market solutions - fully mobile.
It’s easy! Onboarding in minutes, instant funding.

Loyalty + rewards

Exclusive promotions and savings

Mobile banking

Reloadable branded loyalty
debit card / credit card

P2P transfers

Low-cost international money transfers

Personal finance manager

Credit builder

Low-cost loans

Low-cost insurance

Stock trading

Crypto trading


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Companies listed are for illustrative purposes only. Valorus works multiple service providers providing same or similar service offerings.
Drive profitable growth for your business
All – in – one mobile loyalty solution with immediate benefits and ROI. Be up and running in weeks.
“Closed-loop” transactions
Increased profitability when customers spend back using their reloadable loyalty debit card, eliminating debit / credit card merchant acquiring costs for your business
Data analytics
Increased customer engagement through loyalty and rewards, marketing, advertising, promotions, and financial toolkit provide expanded data analytics for your business
Marketing, promotions, advertising
Drive onsite and online traffic, increased revenue, profit, and engagement with robust high touch in-app functionality promoting your brand and products or coop advertising with partner brands
Fully customizable
Your branding, design, and functionality is fully customizable to meet your needs
Complete security and compliance
Turnkey security and compliance - sensitive banking and personal identifying information stored on the platform reduces your risk of data breaches and more
Full risk monitoring
Comprehensive around the clock risk monitoring reduces your risk and liability of money laundering, fraud, and more
Easy API gateway integration
Flexible robust APIs, documentation, and integration support allows any business to deploy a custom mobile wallet and loyalty debit card solution through a single point of integration
Comprehensive multilingual support
Available for clients, their customers and employees, and integration teams via live call center, phone, chat, website, email, video conference and 24/7 support reporting lost and stolen cards
Zero upfront investment
Revenue share model provides immediate gains – no upfront implementation fees
Valorus mobile wallet super app and loyalty debit card is a turnkey end-to-end solution, offering more to you, your customers, and employees.
Increase customer engagement, retention, and revenue
Create additional revenue streams for your business while providing your customers and employees with an easy way to collect rewards, manage their money and spend back with you.

Valorus is a great opportunity for:
  • White label solution for clients with large customer bases
  • Market under Valorus brand with our quick start program
Influencers and celebrities
  • White label solution promoting brands to followers
Embed mobile wallet to existing app or website
  • Enhance your current offerings
  • Pick and choose services from Valorus platform
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World class security and compliance
We are serious about security and compliance. With turnkey multi-layer security and the backing of prominent financial institutions, we excel at keeping your customers' data secure.
World class security and compliance
We are serious about security and compliance. With turnkey multi-layer security and the backing of prominent financial institutions, we excel at keeping your customers' data secure.

PCI DSS Level 1 compliance

End-to-end encryption

Multi-factor authentication

Secure cloud infrastructure

Safety monitoring, automated alerts and 24/7/365 on-call team

WAF and DDoS protection

iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps
Our mobile apps and progressive web app (PWA) provide an easy-to-use interface packed with robust features or can be embedded in your app or website.
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